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Dungeon synth is a genre of music characterized by its strong use of atmosphere and melody to create a sonic reality usually pertaining, in concept, to the fantastic or historical periods.  The genre draws influence from the Dark Ambient music genre, while encompassing musical structures that are relatable to medieval and folk music.  Many artists within the genre have been known to draw inspiration from a variety of other musical styles such as film music, video game music, and classical music.

The genre emerged in the early 1990s from the (Norwegian) Black Metal scene and was "founded" by Artists like Varg Vikernes (Burzum), Mortiis (Emperor), Wongraven (Satyricon) with their side-projects and extended the tradition of many Black Metal bands having atmospheric intros and outros or in-between tracks on their albums. In this upcoming new genre, full albums were made of only this characteristic sound. Another huge impact was also given by the Austrian Black Metal scene with projects like Pazuzu & Die Verbannten Kinder Evas. Today the genre is a world of its own with many artists from all over the world, some still being connected to the world and aesthethics of Black Metal and some with a completely self-contained approach.

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Dolch - Forest Murmur04:29

Dolch - Forest Murmur

Ekthelion - Age Of The Faceless Demon (2016) Dungeon Synth01:00:32

Ekthelion - Age Of The Faceless Demon (2016) Dungeon Synth

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